Cookie Policy

Current principles of using cookies proceed from General Data Protection Regulation and regulate use of cookies by Rikets.

1.1 Cookie – cookies are small size files which are being sent to end device (e.g computer, mobile phone) by visited websites. Cookies will be stored into browser file catalogues (e.g Internet Explorer, Firefox), hard drive of end device of the website visitor. In case the visitor visits the website again, the browser reads cookie and returns info to website or element having initially installed the cookie. Cookies do not harm computer of website visitor in any way.

2.1 Cookies will help to:
act on the website according to your expectations
avoid multiple logging in during one session
remember your settings
improve Rikets website speed and security
share Rikets website more easily in social media (Facebook)
plan website improvements and development
change Rikets offers and marketing messages according to your needs

3.1 Rikets website uses session and persistent cookies. These are cookies used by us and/ or third parties.
Session cookies are being stored only temporarily during the visit of website. Session cookies will be used for statistics and analysis.
Persistent cookies are being stored for a certain time period from 1 month up to 10 years, but if you wish you can delete them from your PC. Objectives of persistent cookies are:
identification of browser – cookies which enable recognition of the browser and secure use of website
saving of basket – cookies which save your basket for easy completion of your order after visit on some other day
website security and completeness of services – cookies which help to design services and create better user experience
user statistics and analysis – cookies giving information about how and how often Rikets e-shop is being visited, which are user groups and what search tools are being used service offers and analysis of user needs – cookies helping develop offers corresponding the best to Clients’ needs.

3.2 Classification of cookies
Rikets website uses cookies on the basis of the following classification:

3.2.1 Necessary cookies
Enables to use website functions and remember information inserted into forms also in case the user moves on other Rikets subpages during the session. Services of a certain webpage without strictly required cookies are not possible. Necessary cookies neither collect information on market purposes nor remember which sites on internet are being viewed.

3.2.2 Performance cookies
Performance cookies collect data about use of website and improve website way of working. These cookies indicate which sites were visited more frequently, which difficulties were encountered and whether website ad works or not. These cookies do not collect data about a person and collected data is anonymous.

3.2.3 Functionality cookies
Functionality cookies remember your choices and offer advanced and more personal functions. These cookies remember made changes, but do not store activities on third websites.

Cookies that are strictly required are always accompanied with our website visits. If refused by the Client, it will not be possible to predict reliability of the website.

Please see about functionality cookies and directed cookies on your browser settings:

By deleting or refusing cookies you may lose access to some Rikets website function and subpage. Modification of cookie settings will affect all website you are visiting.

It is important to note that by using third person opt-out link for cookie blocking, this may not delete the cookie from your browser but only block it for further use. If you definitely want to delete the cookie, you need to do it yourself in your browser.