Kuma Butterfly brooch “Blue Lagoon”


You take a deep breath in, close your eyes and dive into the turquoise blue lagoon. For a moment in the deep blue water, everything stays still and you feel weightless. That’s how this beauty will make you feel, even if you are working your wings off for a better tomorrow and your next vacation is still in the far future.

She will whisper to you of all the good times ahead of you and give you the motivation to carry on because tomorrow is a new day!

All Kuma Design Butterfly Brooches are crafted by skilled artists using vegan leather, high-quality materials and expressive colours. Choose the one that best captures the essence of your soul. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones.

Materials used: Crystals, vegan leather, and brooch needle.

Size: 7×4,7 cm

The product comes in a gift box.

Available in Rikets flowershop areas.

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