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On this site we offer you flowers that are grown in our own greenhouse in Pagavere, Rikets gardening farm.

All flowers that are forced in Rikets gardening farm, proudly wear Estonian Horticultural Association brand ”Grown in Estonia.

We care about our clients and you are always welcomed back!

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Farm is located in Pagavere, Vana-Aespa village, Kohila district, Rapla. Driving distance from Tallinn ca 30 km, 10th km on Kiisa-Hageri road.

In autumn you can find from our sortiment cyclamen and in winter also poinsettia.
We also sell soil, fertilizers and other gardening products.

Info: 56 955 011

M-F 9:00-16.30
Saturday 9:00-16:00

Sunday- Closed

We accept cash and debit cards.

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Riketsi aiand

Product range and services.

Rikets Garden offers summer flowers and perennials, vegetable plants, tulips, cut and potted daffodils, cut and potted hyacinths, lilies, irises, sunflowers, gladioluses.

Our autumn assortment includes cyclamen and in winter we sell poinsettia.
It is possible to buy soil, fertilisers and other related products. We offer landscaping services.

About Rikets Garden.

Rikets Garden (Rikets tootmine OÜ) started in 2006 as a family business and was established for growing high quality large range local cut and potted flowers for Rikets Lilled store chain.

Former small production hall has grown into open garden with variety of seasonal flowers. In spring - most important time for retail clients - you can find wide choice of different summer flowers and perennials. Cyclamen is the most popular item in autumn and tulip and daffodil in winter and early spring.

Rikets aiand
Rikets aiand